Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Road Wrap-up 2012

Tour de Gaslight
The main purpose for doing this race was to get Sushi in GR at Mikado, because they make this roll that is to die for!   The CAT3 race was moved to the end of the day, so after sleeping in, Mary Ann and I headed to the race.  After sitting at Starbucks, talking and watching racing, it was time to warm up.  At this point, I wasn’t as excited to race and the weather was not looking as good as it did earlier.  As we lined up, it started to rain.  Most guys let air out of their tires, but due to my extenders, this wasn’t an option.  Right from the start, we were hitting it hard and caused a separation.  After about 20mins and a few close calls sliding on the painted lines and a guy going down in front of me, I had to back off a bit.  I was now riding on my own just trying to hold my ground.  A few laps later, I was joined by a small group and we rode together.  As the main pack caught and went by us, I jumped on the back and rode the final 2 laps out.  There were a lot of wrecks and people that DNF’d.  I was lucky to keep the rubber side down and ended up 16th out of 24 that finished.

Birmingham Bikefest
I had a lot of fun at this race last year and was looking forward to it.  We got there early to cheer on some friends in the CAT4 and CAT5 races.  There were a lot of top guys at the race and I quickly realized, it was going to be fast.  There were attacks from the gun and the group was strung out for a lot of the race.  I found myself no in the race mentally… my head was thinking about CX and Crank the Shield.  I moved around a bit during the race, but was never a factor.  I sat up for the sprint and rolled across for 22nd out of the 35 starters.

This concludes my road racing for the year.  I am happy with my performance overall and I made it to CAT3, which was my primary goal.  I am still learning at every race and will be looking forward to testing myself next year and hope to be more of a factor in CAT3.

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