Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Addison Oaks XC Race (3rd Place)

Since DNFing at Fort Custer (I was taken out by a guy that turned into me during a pass and broke my glasses) and getting off to a slow start this spring in the CPS due to being sick, this race was all about having fun. I think this trail is one of the best in the state as it is fast and flowing and just keeps getting better thanks to Pauly, Steve, and Chris. I have been feeling pretty good lately expecially after the Stony race as the pressure is off and I have had time to recover. I had thoughts of racing Expert at this event, but wanted to see how I would do against the riders in the CPS. When lining up, I looked around and noticed we had a big group and since the single track is fast and tight, I wanted to get out near the front early. My teammate Dave Messing had the same thoughts as we were leading the pack as we entered the trail. I stayed with Dave for about half of the first lap until Christian and MV went around me. I followed Christian for a while but we kept getting caught behind people. I passed Christian and headed out to see if I could reel in Dave and MV. I pushed on the hills and start passing people from the classes ahead... I think I took out one guy by accident (If you read this I am sorry!). If there is one thing that I need to work on, it is passing people! Later in the race I was almost taken out by a guy that crashed in front of me... it was a good thing that I gave him some room!!

One thing I enjoy more than anything is catching friends of mine and talking a little smack as I go by. Brian Brown is one of those guys that I seem to catch every race and he always lets me go by with little issue. I think I actually motivate Brian as he always comments on how long/short of a time/distance it takes me to catch him!! He along with the whole Precision Concrete Team have a great additude about racing! My friend Jeremy is another as we are on the same team and push each other on rides. I started to catch him in a spot where I could seem him early enough to tell him I was coming for him. Once I was behind him we rode together for a little while and talked... he then about took me out as he was "letting me by"... it pays to look ahead for trees!! We laughed about it and then hammered on. I was feeling really good towards the end and since I was passing SS guys, I was now on a mission to pass my friend Matthew Faraday. It was just my luck as we were on the grass going towards the finish line I saw him racing another guy, so I hammered to catch them. I caught them right at the finish line... mission complete!

My wife also did this race... as she did sooo well at Stony, I told he she had to race Sport at this race!! She was a trouper and made it around 3 laps with her last lap faster than her second. She finished next to last, but is now talking about racing next year!! She is very competitive and this will probably motivate her to ride even more.

I will probably do Grubers Grinder TT next, but the real focus for the end of the year is to finish Iceman in under 2 hrs.


Lori said...
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Lori said...

Yikes! I want to vote on the first poll, but what is a sandbagger?

Lori said...

Sorry! I was the one who deleted a comment: I misspelled a word!

Paynful said...

Noun 1. sandbagger - someone who deceives you about his true nature or intent in order to take advantage of you.

To have the ability to go to a higher class but choose not to.